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In the beginning, the idea for this website began with Tariq Thabet, as he was looking for a project idea to begin the journey of searching for a suitable idea to transition from working as an employee for others to an employer. At this moment, the brainstorming process began to find Solutions and research, he found that the invention of 3D printers was not known to many people around the world, as he met his teacher and professor, Mr. Mustafa Azazi, who explained the idea of how 3D printers work. At this time, and due to the idea of the site, the idea of the site crystallized in Tariq Thabet, and it depends on many things like Allowing the buying, selling and ordering of 3D designs on flags in an easy way. (This is what is unique about this site) When the idea began and crystallized, Tariq Thabet came to his childhood and student friend, Tariq Hamdy, to create the idea of the project. Tariq Hamdy made a tireless effort and continued to work day and night. After working for a year, and after a huge effort, Mr. Mohamed Aboali joined them and helped in creating a lot. One of the solutions and shortening the time remaining for this site to come to light.

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Tarek Thabet

Ideal & Business Development

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General Manager

Mohamed AboAli

Application Developer Manager

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